The body feels everything… first of all!

Indeed, we have a bodily experience of the situations we experience. Depending on the circumstances, we feel light, tight, heavy, impeded, full of energy… These impressions are loaded with meanings that we usually leave aside.
Your body reacts even before logical rational thinking starts. Examples? there are plenty of them as we are always and I would say first of all in interaction with our environment. If we make something fall on the ground, or if something falls, the body uses a complicated way; movement, to catch up with what falls on the ground. We use this capacity of the body in a systematic way in any field.

Looking at oneself in this way allows one to be able to think for oneself at last and to know how to think for oneself. This leads to discovering something new that we do not already know, without the mental process of thinking intervening, but noticing that the intuitive process has a lot to do with it. A real harmony is established with what we think and feel. This harmonious movement makes us feel much less stressed, and allows us to be much more in the present moment. It reduces intellectual rationalisation, and also helps to stop the critical voices within us.

What is bodily sense?


t is the physical perception of a particular problem or situation, it is not a mental experience but a physical experience; it is an internal sensation that encompasses everything that someone feels about a given subject.


The bodily sense is a living experience, that something within ourselves that KNOWS because it has always BEEN able to find the most appropriate response to a particular situation. To listen to it, you only need to take a little moment, to TAKE A BREAK to hear.

Once it is formed, we can then explore it and thus find ourselves in a space where things will be thought and felt more clearly and “newly” (in the sense of again). 
It is not just a matter of spotting kinesthetic sensations, but of going much further – beyond emotions (the body sense is not an emotion). It implicitly tells you the way forward by questioning it.


The body language


Just feeling is not enough, you have to be able to identify this feeling by finding the right word for it to discover freshly what it is all about. It means taking into consideration the way the body functions in language. Taking into consideration the language of the body.


Be in touch with what is pre-conceptual. Focusing is not a method strictly speaking, it is above all a “human process level”. To make available to the public practices previously reserved for specialist firms. Everyone can have access to this knowledge and exchange it with others. And it’s also all about being authentic.


The primary question is how to relate to oneself, how to feel directly “Self” in its authenticity? In short, how to feel from within.

How to connect to oneself in such a way as to be able to feel through the body what is most right, and from this place, to finally let emerge a language elaborated in its ultimate precision to deliver you a knowledge as close as possible to the “true”.



Learn to trust  your gut feeling. Let your Body speak to you, and listen to it.