Individual sessions

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. It takes place face to face. If you do not wish to travel or if you live in the provinces or abroad, sessions are held by landline telephone, Zoom or Skype. English/French.
60 minutes  80€.
30 minutes  40€.

Young people or students prices :
60 minutes  50€.
30 minutes  25€.


You are in the professions of care, education, you are psychotherapists, psychologist, psychoanalyst, you are interested in this process for your students, clients. English/French.

Tarif : 90€.




If you would like me to be present to introduce this process as a group, please contact me.


What They Say

“It’s a different timeframe that emerges, I enter into a relationship with myself, subtle, delicate and transforming.”
Françoise V.

“I learn to listen to what my body manifests and expresses and I let come from a space quite different from that of my head, from my conditioning what I really need in the situations I encounter.”
Paul T.

“I come away from these sessions with nuggets of understanding of myself, surprising and supportive.”
Anne P.

“Brigitte accompanies me to pose in the present moment, in contact with what is lived in my feelings, in depth.”
Julia P.

Learn to trust your gut feeling. Let your Body speak to you, and listen to it.