How does the session take place?


Sessions are always full of surprises, and never happen the same way. We may or may not begin by focusing, maybe something is immediately present, or not, but in any case, taking a moment for ourselves in a conscious and active way to explore ourselves in relation to a specific subject, or simply to take our inner temperature and feel, is extremely beneficial on all levels.

Let’s take an example to better understand how to let something emerge without resorting only to logical rational thinking. Let a question come up that you want to examine. Turn your attention inward, listening to what you feel in your body, and ask yourself the question:
– What do I feel in my body when I think about this? ».

Take the time to feel what’s going on inside you at all levels.
Once connected to what you feel in your body :

– From the “bodily sense”, then let a word, an expression, an image come to express its quality.
– This body sensation, what would it look like?… (e.g. a ball, a knot with several strands…)
– My overall impression is like … (e.g. a volcano ready to explode, an impassable wall in front of me…)
– I feel …” (e.g. empty, spring-mounted, too tight, light, alive …).

Find your own words, images…

The above examples in italics are given as an indication, find your own words, images…

Spend time with your body sensation and the word, the expression, the image that came. You will check that they go well together by going back and forth between them.

Now you feel more intensely what is going on inside you in relation to the issue you are trying to examine. Continue to listen to your body’s sense of meaning by questioning it: 
Avoid interpreting, trying to understand from what you believe or assume. Let the bodily sense “speak” and listen to it (as if you were listening to another person who has something to tell you).

And the answer appears…


When the answer appears, it translates into a “body movement” (most often a relaxation, a relief). The bodily sense dissipates (it has delivered the sense it held).

Take the time to feel the change in the body.

Take some time to consider the concrete change in relation to the question raised.
If the process has not been completed, don’t be afraid to take it up again at another time. Sometimes things happen by themselves, a little later.

You can also try for simple questions, decisions of everyday life. This will teach you to trust what you feel.




Learn to trust your gut feeling. Let your Body speak to you, and listen to it.