About me

Brigitte Domas

I have been teaching Focusing since 1995. First in the United States where I studied with Gendlin and his colleagues, and in France since 2008. I learned from Gendlin an extremely creative way of thinking thanks to his philosophical and psychological input. This process once integrated is of indescribable strength.
I like to share my knowledge and experience without ever falling into boredom or routine, with anyone who wants to know themselves better, change something important in their life, open up and be there, present at the moment, suffer less, improve communication with others and learn to think.
Thinking for yourself, thinking with the world.

My career path

  • Clinical psychologist for children and adults, graduate of the Faculty of Paris X Nanterre.
  • Certified by the Focusing Institute of Chicago and New York (USA) and coordinator in France of the Focusing Institute.
  • Studies in the USA: with Eugène Gendlin (Focusing Practitioner)
  • Organiser of the publications and writing of the preface to Editions Pocket Evolution of Eugène Gendlin’s original book “Focusing”.
  • Internship with Doctor Leslie Greenberg, Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Training with Martha & Ynse Stappert, psychotherapists for children
  • Individual work with Eugene Gendlin, New York
  • Individual work with John Welwood, California
  • Presentation and consultation in French and English

Learn to trust  your gut feeling. Let your Body speak to you, and listen to it.